• The Idea

    The idea for Future Outdoor Digital Advertisement, came about when Wilfred noticed that business owners were limited in their advertising options. Besides the normal printed media and very expensive National Radio, Television advertising. Static billboard advertising were expensive, one advertiser at a time. And the South African weather quickly deteriorated the quality of the billboard. Also the time to remove and insert a new advert was also a time consuming process

  • Launched in 2017

    In 2017, Wilfred launched his pilot operation on a corner of Zuurfontein Road and Parkland drive in the Ekurhuleni Municipality in Gauteng. He subsequently contracted the necessary advertisers and his first electronic advertising business was launched. He then contracted various other businesses to increase the amount of exposure offered to the advertisers, and this proved to be highly successful


  • Home Entrepreneurship Program Launched


    At the beginning of June 2017, Wilfred decided to embark on a national expansion program, affording like-minded entrepreneurs a viable and profitable business opportunity. Also to increase on the BEE role player in this market which was not fully dominated by BEE members. He decided to follow the franchise route as this would ensure personal involvement in every business, thus providing the best possibility of growth, whilst ensuring that these businesses were operated by committed franchisees. Future Outdoor Digital Media Advertising was established as a home entrepreneurship opportunity.


  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to become a leading strategic partner in business transformation through outdoor digital media advertising.

  • Values

    The company strives to uphold the following values: Professionalism, honesty, integrity, reliability, respect and transparency.

  • Our Mission

    To provide the highest quality led billboard advertising and promotion of our customer businesses, products and services to all businesses, aimed at an audience with sufficient expendable income, through an electronic medium, throughout South Africa, at the lowest possible prices, and to reinforce this with unequalled and expeditious service.

  • Where is the Electronic Display Board located?

    Position: Cnr Parkland drive and Zuurfontein road, Esther Park, Kempton Park

  • How much Traffic does the Intersection carry?

    The traffic in the corner of Park land Drive and Zuurfontein Road averages +/-50 000 cars a day during the week. The traffic is busy through the whole day and increases during peak hours of the day where the roads carry large volumes of traffic. Advertising Clients will get a captured audience for not less than 10 minutes. It is situated at robot intersection displaying to vehicles in the two streets. Our electronic billboard is capable of screening video, animation, static graphics, and moving or stationary text. Our imported screens incorporate the latest technology high-resolution LED displays capable of displaying in excess of 16 million shades of colour. Over 1.5 million vehicles every month confirmed by a recent study

  • What are the Hours of Operation of the Display Board?

    The Display Board is active between the hours of 5:30AM to 22:30PM, 7 days a week

  • How Visible is the Display Board?

    The Electronic Display Board is 20 square meters in size and remains clearly visible from the intersection at all times

  • What Support do you provide my Business?

    We assist you in the design process (if required) where you confirm the final product before it goes on the board

  • Electronic Display Board in a Prime Location on the cnr Zuurfontein & Parkland Drive in Kempton Park


Wilfred: 079 541 9339

Post net Suite 8107

P Bag x 32

Kempton Park,1620

Physical Address:

Cnr Parkland Drive and Zuurfontein Road

Easther Park


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