LED Billboards Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a LED Billboard?
Using LED technology, these billboards display large format imagery that can be changed, at the touch of a button.
Short term advertisements.
Multiple rotating advertisements on the same billboard, and even animations are all possible on LED Billboards.

Tags: A: There are 4 major advantages to using LEDs over other light sources:
Where are Digital Billboards best utilized?
LED billboards are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and viewing angles. This allows it to be used in a wide range of locations, from highways and buildings, to sports arenas and entertainment stages.
What are the advantages to using LEDs over other light sources?
longer lifespan, lower power usage, lower heat output and the widest range of colors.
Why advertise on a LED Billboard?
Displaying more ads
Is LED Billboard advertisement expensive?
It is not an expensive medium to advertise on. See prices on our various products pages. Or contact one of our sales consultants for a payment plan option.
What determines the cost of a board?
Size (length x height = metre square), Pixel (more pixels higher cost), construction (open or closed).
Do LED's last longer when they are kept cool?
Yes! Heat in LEDs can decrease both the life and light output of a sign. Our cabinets contain several features to control temperature such as heat & airflow.
Why an air conditioner?
Our screens can operate without an air conditioner. But the harsh South African conditions with temperatures that vary in winter from - 6deg to 42deg in summer. By controlling the operating environment we lengthen the lifespan of your board.
Open or closed construction?
Our LED cabinets are made to operate with an open construction, but we prefer a closed construction. That means "no" dust, "no" water at the back of the cabinets and we can control the working parts with our air conditioned box for longer lasting components.
What about software?
Our software is easy and simple to use. Full training will be given.
Life span of our LED'S?
The life span of LED's are 100 000 hours. If used 24 hours p/day the life span is 11 years +!
Setting of Brightness during day & night?
Our software can be programmed to adjust the brightness for daylight and evening. If need, there is a light sense to adjust the screen brightness according to its surrounding brightness in day and night light.
Service / maintenance plan?
We offer a maintenance plan, but full training will be given to assist you with basic maintenance.
Can the board operate in all weather?
Our cabinets are IP65 rating and operate excellent in all weather conditions.
What sizes do you offer?
We offer all standard sizes & can build a board to meet your specifications.
How much power do they use?
It differs from area to area and size of the board but a monthly cost of R2000 p/m will be more than sufficient.
Are Led Billboards green and Eco-friendly?
Yes! We never use vinyl / paper / fuel or harsh chemicals like traditional static boards.
Do you finance?
What are running costs of a digital board?
Electricity costs vary from pixel pitch,
display size, and local rates.
How many advertisers can be displayed?
Limitless. But we will assist with the correct strategy.
What is the average time of an advertising slot?
10, 15, 20 seconds.
Can I flight adverts at specific times?
Our software can show certain adverts at pre-set times.
What about vandalism?
Our LED Billboards have been installed for many years and have been pelted with rocks, bottles, cans etc. Our cabinets are built with robust face materials and are resistant to such attacks. Should in an extreme case the screen be shot at, the damage is limited to where the bullet enters and requires only a module to be replaced.
Who will build the adverts?
Our graphic designers will build the adverts for you.
Who will load the adverts for you?
Our graphic designers will load and remove adverts for you.
I AM READY! What is the next step?
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